I’ve been collecting energy drink cans for more years than I can remember but never with any gusto. During the pandemic of 2020/21 I decided to photograph, review and catalogue my can collection because even I don’t know what I’ve got any more, so I don’t know whether or not I need to buy a can when I see it. There’s still a little way to go until the whole lot is catalogued but I’ll get there eventually.

All cans on here were purchased in the UK but some are from import stores and I’ll tag those ones that I remember getting from there. Some of the foreign imports were just purchased at pound stores or other small stores where the stock changes from week to week depending on what they can get hold of. You can tend to identify imports by the translated nutritional information sticker that’s required to be stuck to them in the UK.

You won’t find any reviews of the taste or flavour of the drinks on here, there’s plenty of other sites for that, we’re all about the cans.

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