Asda Diet Summer Fruits Blue Charge

250ml - 30mg / 100ml
Can manufactured by Crown

I love this can just for the strange concept of a pink “blue charge” can. I guess they named the product while only having the original flavour option and then wanted to add more flavours later and were a little bit stuck. I like to call this the “Fast Food Rockers” effect.

As is standard for these sorts of cans this is just a re-colouring of the other sibling cans but it’s done nicely enough and looks pleasant. The information panels on this one are more ugly than some of the others abut again are functional and not entirely terrible.

High impact stimulation drink. Contains Taurine.

Extra Information
Best Before Date:
31 Aug 2019
Catalogue Date:
15 May 2021

Alternate Versions

2019 Update

This seems to be a refresh of the design with a minor re-colouring and re-wording of the front of the can and a re-arrangement of the information panels around the back. I think this is actually an improvement and gives the cans a nicer, slimmer, cleaner look.