Blu Energy Drink Mojito

250ml - 32mg / 100ml
Can manufactured by Ball

This one struck me as a strange flavour choice for an energy drink but is not the only one in my collection inspired by an alcoholic drink. The design of the front of the can is really nice. They’ve gone for a sophisticated etching sort of feel in black and green with the cocktail glass at the top and the flavour components at the bottom, around the names of the flavours. As usual with the cans designed for multiple markets, the “back” of the can is over-busy trying to fit in the ingredients list and nutritional information in 4 different languages. Overall though I quite like this can, it’s just a shame that mine is dented through my own mis-care.

Extra Information
Production Date:
13 Aug 2018
Best Before Date:
13 Aug 2020
Catalogue Date:
28 Apr 2021