Boost Energy Red Berry (v2)

250ml - 30mg / 100ml
Can manufactured by Ball

I think this is a newer version of the other Boost Energy Red Berry can that I have and I think I prefer this one. It feels neater overall without having the content on the back of the can squashed into the ‘wake’ of the logo. It feels a little more grown-up.

I’m not so certain on the colour scheme of this one. The red base I get but I don’t think the green highlight fits. Personally I think I’d swap elements of this and the Cherry can because to me green fits better with the classic image of a red cherry and green stem, I don’t want to think about my red berries being green!

Bursting red berry for a refreshing recharge

Extra Information
Purchase Date:
28 Apr 2021
Best Before Date:
30 Sep 2021
Catalogue Date:
9 May 2021