Combu Energy Beer Flavour

250ml - 32mg / 100ml
Can manufactured by Ardagh

This is one of the more unique cans in my collection. Made in Poland for both the Polish and English market most of the labelling is in both languages. I wasn’t sure which side to choose as the “front” when setting the start point of the animation as it has feature graphic at two opposite points. It’s a pretty plain can but is still interesting just due to the unique nature of the drink, with the background image resembling a glass of beer. One thing I think I’ve only seen on this can is what appears to be a “strength” gauge on one side going from low to high showing the marker right near the top and a warning (translated below). Given this is about average at 32mg/100ml this seems odd as the Espresso Monster cans are twice that.

WARNING! High content: Caffeine 80mg, Taurine 1000mg / 250ml. Consume no more than 1 can of 250ml per day

(I’ve tagged this with the drink manufacturer #OSHEE as I have another can from the same company that will appear later in the collection)

Extra Information
Production Date:
18 Oct 2018
Best Before Date:
18 Oct 2019
Catalogue Date:
7 Feb 2021