Costa Coffee Smooth Sidekick Latte

250ml - Unknown Caffeine Content
Can manufactured by Ardagh

This product from the high-street coffee chain Costa Coffee isn’t technically sold as an energy drink so doesn’t seem to need to list its caffeine content on the can but I’d guess they’re similar to the Espresso Monster cans at somewhere between 30-60mg / 100ml.

The design matches with Costa’s corporate look-and-feel and you can tell it’s corporate because the logo is by as a huge visual element on the can. Having said that, I quite like the minimal aesthetic and even the back of the cans is relatively tidy as these things go. I’m not so sure about deciding to give the flavours names like “Sweet Sidekick” or “Smooth Sidekick” as I’m not sure it adds much.

Most of this review is exactly the same as the Caramel Latte can but I’ve just realised how almost exactly identical the blurbs below are.

Our smooth and creamy Latte has been expertly crafted by our Master of Coffee. Made with less sugar‡ to release the full flavour of our Signature Mocha Italia beans, it’s your deliciously creamy Costa Coffee on the go. (‡ 30% less sugar versus most RTD coffee drinks in GB)

At Costa Coffee, we know great coffee. The proof? We’ve been serving our legendary Signature blend in London since 1971. It took 112 different blends to get it just right, but boy it was worth it: the perfect balance of delicate Arabica and strong Robusta beans, slow-roasted for a smooth and nutty flavour and rich aroma. All you have to do is open this tasty little can.

Extra Information
Purchase Date:
4 Mar 2021
Best Before Date:
30 Sep 2021
Catalogue Date:
28 Apr 2021