Dynamite Energy Drink

250ml - 26mg / 100ml
Can manufactured by Canpack

I don’t think I’d actually looked at this can in detail before now, I’d taken its “Brand of the UK” claim at face value given the two Union Flags on display on the can. Now having looked in more detail this can has a really confused identity being made in Holland for an Indian company but must have been sold in the UK somewhere for me to get hold of one.

The design is simple and bold and I like the fact that the ‘T’ has become a plunger detonator. I also like the ragged edges of the yellow top bar. What I’m not so keen on is what appears to be a massive drop of blood behind of the name, I feel that’s taking it a little too far, and could be done away with. The rest of the can is pretty standard but I did have to look up what the green circle in a square meant and it’s the Indian Vegetarian Mark.

Blow your mind. Vitalise your body.

Extra Information
Production Date:
15 Nov 2017
Best Before Date:
15 Nov 2019
Catalogue Date:
28 Apr 2021