Emerge Energy Coffee Cola

250ml - 30mg / 100ml
Can manufactured by Crown

In general design these cans feel pretty similar to the Boost cans but as I think they’re aimed at the same local store market that’s not entirely a surprise. Where Boost use curves and ovals, Emerge have gone completely the other way with an angular logo and a matching angular can design, for this flavour in ‘attractive’ shades of brown. The bright yellow price mark is a little ugly but the rest of the design is simple but effective, reminiscent of a video game or some piece of modern art.

Here is the great tasting replacement for your traditional coffee from Emerge!

I’ve managed to pick a strange flavour for the first Emerge can to be catalogued. I don’t normally comment on the flavours of the drinks here but I once accidentally made coffee cola and quite liked it but this tastes nothing like that. It looks and feels like cola but tastes like very, very sweet milky coffee … It’s disconcerting!

Extra Information
Purchase Date:
28 Apr 2021
Best Before Date:
30 Apr 2021
Catalogue Date:
9 May 2021