Espresso Monster Triple Shot Vanilla Espresso

250ml - 60mg / 100ml
Can manufactured by Ardagh

The design on these cans is nice and very sophisticated while retaining some of the character to tie it into the other Monster brand cans. While not having quite as much of a textured surface as some of its cousins the background does have a nice soft flock-esque feel. The one sad thing about the little story on the back of these is that it’s the same on all 3 flavours.

Europeans are famous for fast cars, fashion and coffee served long, short, hot, cold, you name it. So we travelled the continent, learned from the best baristas and created our latest coffee, Espresso Monster.

Espresso Monster is a triple threat: 3 shots of espresso, ice cold milk and Monster’s Espresso Energy Blend.

‘Cause when it comes to coffee, we’re a sophisticated beast.

These are one of a small set of cans in the collection that have custom ring-pulls.

Extra Information
Best Before Date:
30 Sep 2020
Catalogue Date:
30 Jan 2021