Euro Shopper Original Sugar Free Drink

250ml - 32mg / 100ml
Can manufactured by Canpack

No, you didn’t read that title incorrectly, this is just labelled as ‘drink’ not ‘energy drink’. Interestingly, the front of the can does have 6 blue rectangles that could conceivably be the letters of the word ‘energy’ but that’s a long stretch. I think this can isn’t far off the very definition of utilitarian, telling you who made it and what’s inside and nothing more. I do appreciate that they’ve at least put some sort of design into the layout of the text rather than just sticking it on there, but I don’t think you could call this one beautiful. I have no idea why the euro shopper logo is off-center but they must have a reason, or maybe it slipped and no-one noticed.

Extra Information
Purchase Date:
28 Apr 2021
Best Before Date:
31 Jul 2022
Catalogue Date:
16 May 2021