Jimmy's Iced Coffee Original TetraPak

330ml - Unknown Caffeine Content
Can manufactured by Tetra Pak

While definately not a can, I’ve included this here to compare it to the matching can for the same product.

With what feels like more space here for information or design it feels like they’ve not used it to it’s full potential. The only added information is really the section at the top of the back around the squiggly line on the map.

Interestingly, where the matching can does list its caffeine content, this Tetra Pak version does not.

Coffee + Milk

The original recipe

Semi-skimmed milk from British fairies

Our single-origin Arabica coffee is ethically sourced from Huila, Colombia

Keep your chin up

Extra Information
Purchase Date:
3 Jun 2021
Best Before Date:
20 Dec 2021
Catalogue Date:
16 Aug 2021