Jimmy's Iced Coffee Original

250ml - 51mg / 100ml
Can manufactured by Ball

There’s some debate about whether iced coffee is an energy drink or not but for the case of this collection I’m deciding that they are.

Jimmy’s seem to work as a name for an informal, pally product and that’s how this comes across with the range of about 4 different informal/friendly fonts used on the front of the can and a couple more on the back. I would query why the bottom half of the can is blue but I guess that works with the word “iced” and differentiates it from the brown can that’s used for the mocha variety.

Interestingly, this does list the caffeine content, unlike some of the other iced coffee cans.

Coffee + Milk

Under 100 calories

Arabica Coffee sourced from Huila, Colombia

Keep your chin up!

The original recipe one

Extra Information
Purchase Date:
23 May 2021
Best Before Date:
8 Mar 2022
Catalogue Date:
16 Aug 2021