Krating Daeng / กระทิงแดง / Red Bull

150ml - 21mg / 100ml
Can manufactured by Unknown

This is not a UK can but is a very interesting part in the story of energy drinks in the UK and the rest of the world. Hailing from Thailand this is a separate Red Bull company to the one we know in the UK and USA today although it was the inspiration. The story’s worth a quick read on Wikipedia.

I love the simple look of this bottle, it almost looks like medicine, but it’s just a shame that I haven’t looked after it well. It would be really hard to read any of the information around the edge of the label anyway due to the tiny font size but along with the wearing of the label it’s now even more difficult.

This bottle is still sealed and looking at that use-by date, I don’t think I’ll be opening it now!

Extra Information
Production Date:
9 May 2014
Best Before Date:
9 May 2016
Catalogue Date:
19 Jun 2021