Lo Bros Kombucha

250ml - 0mg / 100ml
Can manufactured by Crown

I suppose this technically isn’t an energy drink but that probably depends who you ask, some people swear on this stuff for invigoration among other unsubstantiated health claims.

I quite like the design of this can, it feels fun and I think it conveys the ‘alive’ nature of the drink quite well. The little pictogram story on the back is kind of cute and looks like something you’d see on a chain restaurant kids menu, although possibly not that final picture :)

The Lo-Down on our Brew
We make kombucha the authentic way. All natural, slow brewed, full of flavour and alive inside.
1 - Sweet Tea - Oolong - Green - Scoby
2 - We Wait - Fermentation Magic - Sugar Goes Down - Living Cultures Go Up
3 - We blend with delicious ingredients
4 - The Result - Alive Inside - Great in your Gut - 75 Million living cultures†
† Colony Forming Units (CFU’s). Count taken at time of manufacture.

Extra Information
Purchase Date:
18 Mar 2021
Best Before Date:
27 Feb 2022
Catalogue Date:
25 Jun 2021