Monster Mule Ginger Brew

500ml - 32mg / 100ml
Can manufactured by Canpack

At the time of reviewing I think this can is relatively new and is probably Monster’s first venture into the Alcohol Inspired energy drink market. It’s based on the Moscow Mule which is apparently traditionally served in a copper mug which explains the colour choice of this can. That notwithstanding I do like the presentation of this can. The copper colour gives a really refined feel and they’ve kept the floral/flock patterns to a minimum on this one. It’s not a textured can like the [Monster Ultra cans] but it is a matt-finished can, which further lends to the refined feel, although I wonder if they considered trying to texture the can like the traditional copper mugs.

Using the classic “western” font for various elements is a nice touch and not over-used, and I like the couple of bullets used as dividers around the top of the can. The blurb on the back is a bit hard to read due to its size.

3 people walk into a Hollywood bar - a Russian vodka distributor, a copper mug salesperson, and a ginger beer homebrewer. Urban legend has it that the Moscow Mule was invented! They grabbed an instant camera and took their idea to other bars, snapping pics of the novel cocktail to share with the next barkeep creating a viral sensation long before social media.

Raising a glass to these innovators, our non-alcoholic Monster Mule is crafted with a spicy and sweet ginger “mule kick” and a zesty lime finish. We stirred-in our Monster energy blend to get you moving!

So share one with a friend, take a pic and tag #MonsterMule on instagram to continue the tradition.

Unleash the Beast!

Extra Information
Purchase Date:
4 Mar 2021
Best Before Date:
31 Dec 2022
Catalogue Date:
27 May 2021