Monster Pipeline Punch

500ml - 32mg / 100ml
Can manufactured by Ardagh

I think the Monster Punch range is the range of drinks containing fruit juice but there’s also the Monster Juiced range so I’m not sure what the difference is between them. The designs for these are along similar lines to the Monster Ultra cans but with a different feel.

Ths one is a very lightly textured can with a delicate flour and fern design in various shades of pink around the edges echoing it’s Hawaiian inspiration. The “Punch” logo on the front is very bold, as you would expect, and the same on every Monster Punch can, just in different colours.

One small detail that would have been quite easy to miss is that the ‘+’ between Punch and Energy at the very bottom of the can is customised for each design. In this case it’s in the palm of the Shaka Sign again calling back to the Hawaiian Surf inspiration of this drink.

Banzai Pipeline, the world’s most famous wave, on Oahu’s fabled North Shore comes alive for just a few brief month every winter. In honour of this epic force of nature, we created Monster Pipeline Punch.

The perfect blend of the best flavours Hawaii has to offer - passion fruit, orange & guava, the “Monsterised” with a full load of our famous energy blend.

And, just like the wave it was named for, it is destined to become a legend.

Unleash the Beast!

Extra Information
Purchase Date:
4 Mar 2021
Best Before Date:
31 Oct 2022
Catalogue Date:
12 May 2021