Monster Energy Ultra Paradise

500ml - 30mg / 100ml
Can manufactured by Ball

This can irked me for a little while at first because it breaks from the rest of the Monster Ultra cans with colour-based names, but having done some research this is not the first can to do so. I need to find or purchase the others to complete my collection but there’s also a “Citron” and “Fiesta” can as well.

This can leaves behind the more abstract artwork of its siblings in favour of an island scene complete with cove, sun loungers under a parasol, waving palm trees, footsteps on the sand, mountains off on the distance and a friendly shark swimming around the in the sea! Paradise indeed!

Where is paradise? A chalet on the slopes, a streamside ranch or a penthouse in the city? How about a private island with a white and beach, turquoise water and a gentle tropical breeze?

Monster Ultra Paradise, pure, crisp, invigorating island flavours.

Kick back and enjoy. Paradise is wherever you can find it.

Unleash the Ultra Beast!

Extra Information
Best Before Date:
31 Mar 2023
Catalogue Date:
3 May 2021