Monster Energy Ultra Red v2

500ml - 30mg / 100ml
Can manufactured by Canpack & Ardagh

This is another can in the growing Monster Ultra range and like the rest of those cans it features some delightful custom art and a matching textured surface. The art this time appears to be again paisley inspired but more floral and less vine-y than the first Ultra can.

As with the others, this can doesn’t list it’s actual flavour, but somehow that doesn’t matter, you just try them all and pick the ones you like.

Who can forget those hot summer days and hotter summer nights thick with the promise of unlimited possibilities. Working a mindless job to earn just enough for that last epic adventure before starting “real life”

Following your heart to who knows where with who knows who, confident it will all work out.

In homage to the endless summer’s of youth comes Ultra Red: Light, crisp, and refreshing with zero calories and zero sugar.

Sweet, sweet, summer time, summer time.
Unleash the Ultra Beast!

Extra Information
Best Before Date:
31 Oct 2022
Catalogue Date:
3 May 2021

Alternate Versions

Price Marked Version

This is exactly the same as the main can except for a price mark in an "ink splat" on the front right side of the can. The main can is manufactured by Canpack and this version is manufactured by Ardagh.