Monster Energy Ultra Violet

500ml - 30mg / 100ml
Can manufactured by Ball

I feel like once Monster had an Ultra range that “Ultra Violet” was inevitable. They’ve decided to theme it 70s so have gone for a psychedelic/music inspired design with some nice swirly patterns, music notes and a few other “hidden” 70s themed elements:

  • Bottom right is a nice little crop of mushrooms.
  • Top right there’s a claw holding something that looks like a crystal ball showing a monster logo.
  • Bottom left is a hooded scull peeking out from behind the barcode.
  • Top left there’s what appears to be a monster branded bloodshot eyeball.

I really like both this drink and the can and I think it’s a nice addition to the ultra line of monster drinks.

Welcome to the 70s.

A hazy purple funk all dressed up in a kaleidoscope of bell bottoms, bandanas, and tie-dye. A time when psychedelic, glam and heavy metal rock blasted from mega speakers at fairgrounds, stadiums and garages.

Can you dig it? Then take a good long pull of Monster Ultra Violet. Crisp and refreshing, with a sweet and tart pixie dust flavour powered with our Monster Energy Blend.

Hop on this magic carpet for the ride.

Unleash the Ultra Beast!

Extra Information
Purchase Date:
19 Jun 2019
Best Before Date:
31 May 2021
Catalogue Date:
4 Jun 2021