Morrisons 1899 Energy Lemon

250ml - 30mg / 100ml
Can manufactured by Crown

Own-brand cans seems to fit into one of two categories, utilitarian or stylistic. This is one combines a little bit of each, the back of the can is just two white rectangles which is a little boring but I can forgive that as the front of the can is really nice. I only just noticed this but 1899 is the year UK Supermarket Morrisons was founded (It’s right there in the logo above the word “lemon”). This design is simple but really effective, I love the distressed look to it all, the tattoo-like shield and feathered wings and the simple light-ray background all work really well together. There’s just enough colour included in the flavour bar and the “paint splats” to give it interest while also conveying the flavour of the drink inside. Overall, a really nice can for an own-brand energy drink.

Extra Information
Best Before Date:
31 Jul 2018
Catalogue Date:
17 Feb 2021