NOCCO Limón Del Sol

330ml - 55mg / 100ml
Can manufactured by Canpack

This can isn’t labelled as being part of the NOCCO BCAA range but has pretty much the same ingredients and blurb on the back of the can so it seems to be so in every way except design.

Compared to the other NOCCO BCAA range the design of this can is a breath of fresh air. It evokes memories of wonderful summer holidays to the sun-drenched coasts of Spain or Portugal with subtle imagery of a villa with sun-deck overlooking a bay the other side of which is a lovely village of terracotta roofed houses. The palm fronds peaking in from the top corners and the bottom of the design are nice finishing touches.

I really like this can and it has the feel that it would make a nice drink mixed with some sort of spirit, which is odd given they specifically mention that “Mixing with alcoholic beverages is not recommended” on the back of the can!

Contents per serving 330ml
BCAA 4:1:1 (leucine, valine, isoleucine): 3000mg
Caffeine: 180mg

Extra Information
Production Date:
14 Feb 2021
Purchase Date:
13 May 2021
Best Before Date:
28 Aug 2022
Catalogue Date:
25 Jun 2021