Quetta Caffe Caramel Energy Drink

250ml - Unknown Caffeine Content
Can manufactured by Ardagh

This is one of the imported cans in the collection. I don’t think I got this at an import store, I think this was from a pound store. It’s a basic “geometric plus image” can design and I like it … apart from the maroon-ish colour, which for a coffee-based drink confuses me a little. I do however like the detail pattern in the central divider and the choice of clean silver for the bottom section.

The next can I added after this was the Costa Coffee Caramel Latte and I wonder if Quetta are trying to mimic that design, or if the colour choice is just a coincidence.

Unfortunately, I can’t give any of the information off the back of this can because I don’t want to remove the sticker, but I’m not sure why or if that’s the correct decision, let me know.

Extra Information
Best Before Date:
6 Jun 2020
Catalogue Date:
26 Apr 2021