Red Bull Orange Edition Sugar Free

250ml - 32mg / 100ml
Can manufactured by Ball

Red bull, probably thought of as the originator of the energy drink in the uk, seem to be doing these ‘editions’ but I can’t work out what the overarching theme of them is meant to be, so I have to conclude that there isn’t one. Also, a whole ‘edition’ just for a flavour seems overkill.

This design is very similar to the other ‘editions’ designs with the bull motif at an angle but this time the chequerboard motif from the main can has also made an appearance, also at an angle creating a bold silver corner to the can containing the flavour name. I don’t know if this is a different iteration of design than the Summer Edition can that I have or just a different choice for different cans. The contrasting corner links more to the original design but I’m not sure which I prefer.

Unfortunately, for a relatively nice design I think the blue/white ‘Sugarfree’ banner around the top of the can lets it down a bit and makes it feel lower-end like some of the the PMP cans but I can also see why it has to be there as they haven’t subscribed to the sugarfree = light colours theory that some other Sugar Free cans choose to use.

Vitalizes body and mind®

Extra Information
Best Before Date:
22 Feb 2019
Catalogue Date:
11 May 2021