Red Bull Summer Edition Kiwi-Apple

250ml - 32mg / 100ml
Can manufactured by Ball

Red bull, probably thought of as the originator of the energy drink in the uk, seem to be doing these ‘editions’ but I can’t work out what the overarching theme of them is meant to be, so I have to conclude that there isn’t one.

Moving away from the chequered pattern of the regular cans (of which I don’t seem to have any in the collection at the moment) this edition can features the bull motif in silver at a strange angle against a solid background colour and the particular ‘edition’ name in a bold typeface. It’s a radical departure from the normal design so it does make them stand-out but it’s not particularly inspired or interesting overall. I do however quite like how the ingredients and other information on the back have been wrapped around the back end of the logo.

Vitalizes body and mind®

Extra Information
Best Before Date:
23 Jun 2018
Catalogue Date:
11 May 2021