Red Bull Zero

250ml - 32mg / 100ml
Can manufactured by Ball

I tend to steer away from Red Bull because of the price and because I’m too cool to be mainstream (lol) but I do need to have them here for completeness. To be honest the design is pretty nice. It’s the usual geometric energy feel but I like that fact that they retain the slant all the way around the can, including the information on the back. I’m not sure what this is like for accessibility but I like the way it ties the whole can together.

Red Bull have gone for the convention of zero being black and gone for a very dark grey here. It feels almost dark blue but I think this is a trick of the brain. With the subtle “Zero Calories. Zero Sugar.” band around this top this is a pretty good but not particularly outstanding can design.

With Taurine. Vitalizes body and mind®

Extra Information
Best Before Date:
16 Nov 2021
Catalogue Date:
15 May 2021