Rockstar Energy Baja Juiced El Mango

500ml - 32mg / 100ml
Can manufactured by Ball

From the plain, basic Rockstar, this one is coming in with strong energy trying to outdo some of the crazier Monster designs. There is no information about this at all on the Rockstar site so I have to assume that ‘Baja’ refers to the Mexican State of Baja California, which the Cinco de Mayo skulls in the design would appear to support.

Unfortunately I don’t really like this can, I think the design is too much, too detailed, too garish and not really appealing. Also, the back of the can needing to have everything in 4 languages means it looks a mess and way too cramped to look nice. I appreciate what they were trying to go for but this one isn’t for me.

Extra Information
Purchase Date:
4 Mar 2021
Best Before Date:
31 Aug 2021
Catalogue Date:
9 May 2021