Shakura Energy Drink Sugar Free

250ml - 32mg / 100ml
Can manufactured by Ardagh

This can is being marketed as a “High Class” energy drink. I’m not sure such a thing really exists but they’re trying to convey that idea with the design and I think they’ve probably failed. To me this one looks like it’s trying too hard. On top of that, hidden behind the clean facade is one heck of a congested information panel squeezing 7 different languages onto the back of one can. I have no idea what it’s trying to tell me but it’s too much. I had a look online for the non-sugarfree version of this can (which I don’t have one of) and I don’t think the black and gold colour scheme looks any better.

I somehow have two of these cans, the one in the photo which is gold and white and one that seems to be gold and silver instead. I’m not sure if one has just faded or is a mis-print.

Extra Information
Production Date:
18 May 2018
Best Before Date:
18 May 2020
Catalogue Date:
26 Apr 2021

Alternate Versions

Gold and Silver Version

This is the same as the other can except the white background ink is missing, leaving just the base silver colour of the can ... except on the barcode.