Tenzing Natural Energy

250ml - 32mg / 100ml
Can manufactured by Ardagh

This is another one of the “natural” drinks that I feel talk themselves up to a large degree. Having said that it’s also one of the soft-feels cans that I quite like, and found myself stroking while writing this review. I’ll put all the bumpf that they say on the can in a quote below. When it comes to the design I really like this one. The layered mountains give a nice idea of perspective while still being simple and geometric and I love that the design continues all the way around the can, not being interrupted to give space for all the information on the back. The relatively simple colour palette just gives it a nice, fresh feel and it’s a pleasing can to look and and to read.

Inspired by a traditional Himalayan Sherpa recipe.

Purely from Plants, nice.

Our drink is inspired by Sherpa Tenzing Norgay - one of the first two men to summit Mt. Everest - and the natural, energising brews the Himalayan Sherpas use to fuel their expeditions: a plant-based triple hit of vitamin C, natural caffeine and electrolytes.

Energy that is good for mind, body and planet.

100% Vegan and Non-GMO

Green Tea from Rainforest Alliance certified farms

BPA free and infinitely recyclable can

5% of our profits fund environmental projects

Himalayan Rock Salt, Indian Gooseberry, Lemon Juice, Green Coffee, Guarana, Green Tea, Beet Sugar

Extra Information
Best Before Date:
17 Feb 2021
Catalogue Date:
15 Feb 2021