Warrior Energy Drink Original

250ml - 31.5mg / 100ml
Can manufactured by BP

This can has a really simple design which isn’t a lot more than a logo on a plain background, but I quite like the colour choice of the background. The blue ends but working really well on a drinks can giving a lovely metallic blue colour. Unfortunately, that’s let down a bit by the hotchpotch mix of fonts used on the can leaving the rest of it looking a little bit of a mess.

As the back of the can clearly shows this is made by Bulldog Power and shares the same slightly strange caffeine content. I did suspect this to be exactly the same drink in a different can but the ingredient lists do differ so at least it has that. One thing new this can has provided is the first new manufacturer in a little while, but unfortunately I currently can’t work out who they actually are or were.

Power Unleashed

Extra Information
Production Date:
27 Feb 2020
Purchase Date:
28 Apr 2021
Best Before Date:
20 Aug 2021
Catalogue Date:
16 May 2021