WOW Focus Nootropic Mixed Berry

250ml - 32mg / 100ml
Can manufactured by Unknown

I really like this can because it’s one of the few matt look & feel cans in my collection but on detailed inspection trying to find the can manufacturer’s mark I discovered that this isn’t actually a matt look can, it’s in fact a silver can with a paper label glued to it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this way of labelling cans before but it’s been done extremely well, so much so that I hadn’t even noticed. I’m going to have to find another one somewhere now that I can buy and peel the label off to see what the can is underneath, and possibly who the manufacturer is.

To bring this back to a more normal review, apart from the matt feel I quite like the simplicity and bold colour choices of this can. Pink and blue is an odd choice, but here it seems to work. Everything’s up-front and none of the text is tiny and messy. I did have to look up on Wikipedia what Nootropic means and wasn’t entirely surprised to find that’s it’s the woolly, unproved claims made at the bottom of the can that it:

Supports mental performance (&) reduces fatigue.

As you read more into the can it starts to get a little pretentious and self-important, from the “* As named by our customers” on the front (referring to the name “WOW”) to the little “interview” with the founder on the back:

What is ‘nootropic’?
Ingredients that support cognitive function and reduce fatigue.
Like that Bradley Cooper film ‘limitless’?
It was definitely an inspiration.
Oliver Dickinson
Fanatical Foodie and Founder

Extra Information
Production Date:
6 Feb 2019
Best Before Date:
6 Feb 2020
Catalogue Date:
26 Apr 2021